Darmstadt English Colloquium




Who are we?


We're a group of friends who meet once a week and the common language amongst us is English. Some come to talk and others come to improve their English skills.


There's been an English Club in Darmstadt for over 40 years. We used to meet in our own premises in the south-east of the city but the place fell into disrepair and in December 2014 we left for pastures new and formed a new club.


What do we do?


Most weeks it's just casual conversation but once in a while there may be an organised activity such as a quiz or a musical evening. If you have a special interest then please feel free to tell us all about it.


But I'm not English!


Not a problem. There are a handful of English members but you may also find visitors from India, Slovakia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China and of course Germany. The barman by the way is definitely NOT English.



When and where do we meet?


We meet every Wednesday at 8pm at the Darmstadt MALTbar which is at 41 Rheinstrasse just around the corner from John F Kennedy Haus. There's lots of public transport with Luisenplatz five minutes away and the train station a brisk ten minutes walk.



Can I watch Coronation Street?


Only if you have a Sky dish at home and tell lies to Rupert Murdoch. The MALTbar does not have a TV.


Do you do English classes?


As we are only a group of friends who meet on a regular basis we don't hold formal English classes. However, we do have at least one member who teaches English and some of the other folk will be able to recommend a good college because they were students once.



Do you have disabled access?


Yes, the MALTbar is on the ground floor and although there is a small step access by wheelchair is easy.


OK if I smoke?


Yes, there is a smoking room downstairs. Smoking is not allowed in the bar area.


How much will this cost me?


Nothing. No membership fee, no joining fee, just buy a drink or two at the bar once in a while to keep our hosts happy. Sometimes we may organise activities where a cost is involved but you're under no obligation to take part. Some things however (such as the club web site) do cost money to run and any contributions to the running of the club will be most welcome.


What next?

Come along and say hello. 8pm on any Wednesday at the MALTbar, Rheinstrasse 41, Darmstadt


MALTbar website: www.maltroom.de/location.html


MALTbar Telephone: +49 160 90 90 30 02


Club Website: www.daenco.de


Club Telephone: +49 157 52 23 85 36 (Regina)


Email: contact@daenco.de